Feldenkrais-Based Therapeutic Movement

Feldenkrais®-based Therapeutic Movement is a means to reduce chronic pain, in movement or stillness, and a way of returning to pleasure and joy.

Private, individualized sessions develop awareness of postural habits and movement patterns that are working against you, and teach you new, more efficient, options.  You will increase you grace and ease, while changing the way you feel, move, and age.  In a very real sense the lessons are designed to help your body work for you, not against you, and support you in living your life.

Principles of well organized movement include:

  • Skeletal Weight-Bearing
  • Even distribution of movement
  • Proprioceptive Self-Awareness
  • Pattern Specificity

Rediscover the Joy of Movement!

Barbara (Ingram) Alexander, GCFP, COMS, LMT

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call (206) 499-7793 or email Barbara@transitionsbodywork.com.

For new patient information, please visit her website at www.transitionsbodywork.com.

Fax physician prescriptions to 206-783-4522.  

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